From Bruck to the mountains of the Hochschwab Mountain Range and the Gesäuse National Park

Chamois hunting grounds & Hochgebirge - Gesäuse National Park and the Hochschwab Mountain Range

Hochschwab in the morning sun© Steiermark Tourismus, picture: ikarus

Bruck an der Mur - Leoben - Präbichl - Eisenerz - Hieflau - Palfau - Gesäuse - Admont - Kaiserau - Trieben - Mautern - Bruck an der Mur


  • the Museum Center and the Göss Brewery in Leoben
  • the chairlift at Präbichl and the western Hochschwab Mountain region
  • the Erzberg iron ore mountain
  • the Wasserloch Gorge near Palfau
  • the Ennstal Valley and the mountains of the Gesäuse National Park
  • the famous Abbey Library in Admont
  • the plateau at Kaiserau
  • the municipality of Wald am Schoberpass
  • the animal park in Mautern

Our tip while you are on this adventure trail: Take a quick side-trip from Gstatterboden in the Gesäuse region to Johnsbach and visit the famous Mountain Climbers' Cemetery.