6 Tour tips from Bruck throughout Styria

For motorcyclists, for those who still enjoy relaxing and unwinding driving, or for ambitious cyclists: Beginning here in Bruck an der Mur you'll find six delightful tour tips and adventure trails so you can get to know the most remarkable province in Austria.  From the mountains of the uplands to the rolling hills of Eastern Styria into wine-growing country, Bruck an der Mur is perfectly located in the heart of Styria for you to start your own personal expeditions.

CAUTION: All of the tour details are based on driving/biking on federal roads and rural roads; driving/biking on motorways have been deliberately excluded here to not take away from the feeling of adventure.  True to the motto: Riding along so life won't pass you by!

We're pleased to introduce you to the scenic roads surrounding Bruck an der Mur, the perfect combination for an enjoyable hike to one of the many magnificent peaks near The City of Kornmess, as always catering to all your cravings with culinary delights.

Scenic roads in Bruck

  • Scenic road to the alpine pasture of Pischk and Rennfeld Mountain(serving food and drink):
    Starting at the railway station in Bruck, the alpine pasture of Pischk can be reached from the hollow Glanzgraben and a readily accessible public forest road. The alpine pasture of Pischk is the starting point for a hike around Rennfeld Mountain. The road leading all the way up to the alpine pasture is accessible for mountain bikers as well.
  • Scenic road to the Hutterer Alpine Pasture Inn:
    There is a forest road starting at the Himmelwirt Inn that is only accessible on weekends, leading all the way up to Hutterer Alpine Pasture Inn, which in turn is the perfect starting point for a hike up to Rennfeld Mountain.
  • Scenic roads up to Madereck (Puster Alpine Pasture Inn, serving food and drink):
    Madereck Mountain can be reached from the Bruck city district of Oberaich on a five kilometer long forest road that is accessible for mountain bikers.
  • Scenic road up to the Kirl Alpine Pasture Inn (serving food and drink):
    The starting point for this route is at the former community offices of the former market town of Oberaich, now a city district in Bruck.  There is a good, paved road winding through the hollow of Utschgraben (especially mind the signs towards the end of the Utschtal Valley) leading up to the Kirl Alpine Pasture Inn, which in turn is the perfect starting point for a hike up to Rosseck (its peak is the highest point in the city limits of Bruck at 1,.664m) and up to the Mugel Mountain.

Styrian Wine region© Steiermark Tourismus, picture: H. Schiffer

Graz and the wine-growing country

Southern and Western Styrian wine festivals and a shot of Graz for good measure.

Cows on the pasture© Steiermark Tourismus, picture: R. Lamm

The Almenland alpine pasture region and the Joglland region

Almo, Buchtelbar & all the rest: Almenland alpine pasture region, Joglland region and Northeastern Styria

Basilika Mariazell© TVB Mariazeller Land, picture: Lindmoser

From Bruck an der Mur to Mariazell and on to the Erzberg iron ore mountain

From gingerbread and the Basilica of Mariazell to the Styrian breadwinner - Mariazeller Land Region and Erzberg iron ore mountain

Semmering mountains© Steiermark Tourismus, picture: Popp-Hackner

From Bruck an der Mur all the way up to the Semmering mountains

The adventure trail starts from the natural treasure of the Mürzer Uplands in the Mürz Valley and ends at the UNESCO world cultural heritage site of the Semmering Railway.

Beer and hops© Philip Platzer, picture: P. Platzer

From Bruck an der Mur all the way to the Red Bull Ring

Steirerkas & Gösser: Leoben, the Lower Tauern mountain range and das Murtal Valley

Hochschwab in the morning sun© Steiermark Tourismus, picture: ikarus

Hochschwab Mountain Range and the Gesäuse National Park

Chamois hunting grounds & Hochgebirge - Gesäuse National Park and the Hochschwab Mountain Range


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