The River Mur Cycling Trail – Cycling along the Mur

The most magnificent cycling trail along the river anywhere in the Alps

The River Mur Cycling Trail is one of the most popular cycling trails in Europe and the most popular cycling trail along the river through Styria! Starting in Bruck an der Mur you can easily reach Graz, the Lower Mur Valley and Bad Radkersburg, as well as Leoben and the Upper Mur Valley.  You'll be delighted to find such a wide range of activities and resting places along the cycling trail and you can learn about them on the path's own information website. Bruck an der Mur itself is the perfect start for bicycling tours on the River Mur Cycling Trail.

From Muhr im Lungau – Murau – Judenburg – Bruck an der Mur – Graz – Bad Radkersburg – to Slovenia

457 km (356 km in Austria, 101 km in Slovenia)

Easy going for touring cyclists (up and downhill, tough slopes now and then), paved and hard surface cycling trails

Green signs with white writing (R2 Murradweg )

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