Families and Children - Family-friendly destinations for day trips

So much for the little ones to discover

A family at the Green Lake.© TV Bruck/Mur, picture: M. MailiThe region surrounding Bruck an der Mur is just waiting for you with all kinds of family-friendly fun, including two top attractions for kids (family-friendly destinations for day trips): The Castle at Oberkapfenberg and the Weitental Nature Conservation Center with its adventure playground, Ridor's Woods.  The Castle Burg Oberkapfenberg was first mentioned in a document in 1173, and in 1550 it was rebuilt as a Renaissance fortress.  If you think adults have a hard time with all those historical dates, how boring must those be for kids?  Not at the Castle at Oberkapfenberg, where the world of yesteryear comes alive for young and old.  You can dig into the trunks of Wulfing the Crusader, and learn all kinds exciting, funny, thrilling or even sad things from the souvenirs he keeps there.  You can explore the secret passageways that lead to the alchemists' secret laboratories.  

Or would you like a little more outdoors' adventure?  The Weitental Nature Conservation Center is a rescue center for wild animals, supported by the Government of Styria, that is home to more than 150 animals.  Some of these animals are there to stay and some of are waiting to be reintroduced into the wild.  The staff takes you on fascinating guided tours and tells you all about taking care of the wild animals there.  In the summer you can even see some of the young animals up close.  The idyllic Weitental, just a few minutes' walk from the center of Bruck, is home to Ridor's Woods, a one-of-a-kind play area for children right in the middle of forest.  There are 12 stations for kids to discover the forest and its inhabitants in a playful way.  And the mixture of woods and meadows, the natural springs and the Weitental creek are truly a nature adventure you'll want to experience.  Situated right in the middle is the family guest house JUFA Bruck an der Mur, which can be your home away from home while you're on holiday here in Bruck an der Mur.

Other recreational facilities for families & children in Bruck an der Mur

  • Weitental spa - +43(0)5 7083-370 - bruck(at)jufa.eu - www.jufahotels.com/hotel/bruck-an-der-mur
  • Municipal outdoor public pool - +43(0)3862 52140 www.bruckmur.at/14-leben-in-bruck/61-staedtisches-freibad
  • Artificial ice rink - +43(0)3862 52 140 www.bruckmur.at/14-leben-in-bruck/62-kunsteisbahn
  • Football stadium - +43(0)3862 51 3 12 - www.scbruck.at
  • Fun court (Street basketball, skateboarding)
  • Climbing hall in Bruck an der Mur, Information available at - +43(0)664 13 28 700 - office(at)alpinschule-nolimit.com - www.alpinschule-nolimit.com
  • Tennis Center on the Murinsel island- +43(0)676 606 80 40 - office(at)esvtennis-bruck.at
  • Recreational center Murinsel island
  • Tennis facilities Oberaich - +43 (0)660 55 747 47 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - www.tennisoberaich.at
  • Beach volleyball facilities at the outdoor public pool - +43(0)3862 52140 www.bruckmur.at/14-leben-in-bruck/61-staedtisches-freibad

Our tips in the region for kids and their families:

  • The Wild Mountain in Mautern with its animal park and adventure playground, Information available at +43 (0) 3845 2268
  • Discovery Region Erzberg with its show mine and a ride on a Hauly, Information available at +43 (0) 3848 3200
  • The FIS Winter Sports Museum and the Southern Railway Museum in Mürzzuschlag, Information available at +43 (0) 3852 3504
  • Peter Rosegger's Woodland School and Birthplace, Information available at +43 (0) 3855 8238
  • The outdoor public pool and sports center in Bruck an der Mur, the largest outdoor public pool in the HochSteiermark Region, Information available at +43 (0) 3862 52140
  • Indoor public pool Badewonne in Kapfenberg and Asia Spa in Leoben
  • Lumberjack Land on the Mariazell Bürgeralpe Mountain, Museum Tramway & the Mariazell Railway, Information available at +43 (0) 3882 3014
  • Erzberg Railway, Austria's steepest standard gauge railway, Information available at +43 (0) 3849 832
  • Breitenau Railway between Mixnitz and Breitenau, Information available at +43 (0) 3862 890 121
  • Aqua Cells Altenberg & the Roßloch Gorge, Austria's most creative educational nature trail, Information available at +43 (0) 3857 8321
  • Aflenzer Bürgeralm Mountain with its Sky Walk, fixed-rope climbing route and panorama trails, Information available at +43 (0) 3861 3700
  • Ropes course at Stuhleck/Spital am Semmering, Information available at +43 (0) 664 4212599
  • Nature Museum and Collection of Grindstones in Neuberg an der Mürz, Information available at +43 (0) 650 2187230
  • Bärenschützklamm Gorge, the longest gorge accessible on foot in all of Austria. Information available at +43 (0) 3862 890 121